The Idea Factory is a registered trademark of APLUS Trainers. It is a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative that seeks to create a community of entrepreneurs, innovators and idea generators through mentoring. Monthly, the Idea Factory features experienced entrepreneurs and career professionals addressing relevant business and personal development topics and themes. Kindly follow Idea Factory on Facebook

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Idea Factory July 3b

The Idea factory is an amazing support system. I remember my first day at the idea factory, I didn’t know what to expect but I was absolutely drawn to the positive vibe. And Mrs Titi is such an inspiration, always willing to help with that referral, a timely guidance and always cheering us on. I absolutely admire her, she is such an inspiration and mentor.

Farm Chique as a social enterprise has found so much direction and support from the Idea Factory. It is not possible to tell the Farm Chique story without highlighting the positive influence  of the Idea Factory.

I feel absolutely privileged to be part of this amazing community called the Idea Factory.

Gloria O

CEO Farm Chique Global

Gloria Farm chique

Gloria O

CEO Farm Chique Global

The idea factory as the name applies has been a source of life to my business idea. A source of strength also.

When I heard about The idea factory, I was supper excited given the the vision and the founder.

It’s has shown to be an amazing place for business, it literally gives life to businesses, a practical example was One of my business ideas which was to go into pepper packaging, at first their was a lot of ambiguity, not knowing exactly where to start, getting NAFDAC number and many more.

I presented this to The idea factory and after critically looking at the idea, I was told to start small, and I did start small, so far it’s been able to see the light of day.

One of my turning points in my business was when one of our members taught us about the sniff test. It was so real that you just can apply the method to your other business ideas to check if it can sell or not.

I am so grateful that The idea factory found me. It’s just an amazing place to learn, unlearn and relearn, knowing what works





Idea Factory is a meeting I anticipate every month! From the very first meeting, it promised to be the next big space for creatives and entrepreneurs. With every new meeting, we welcome young innovators who blow our minds with their outstanding ideas and get to learn a new business or personal development skill.

What I love especially is the warm atmosphere. Anyone from anywhere can share any idea and the whole house will criticize it with the aim of making the idea better. These myriad feedback only strengthen such ideas and we have witnessed great ideas turn to great business products. What more, our convener, Mrs. Titilope Ojo readily shares her wealth of knowledge and network whenever the need arises.

Idea Factory might just be a business school in the making, you should join us now while we are receiving members for free.

Thank you Mrs. Titilope Ojo! I totally appreciate the opportunity to learn and grow in a multicultural, dynamic and innovative factory.

Cheers to all our wins!


Dara Falade

Dara Falade

Dara Falade

The idea factory is a platform of personal development for me; i have learned from the different sessions on how to identify my most viable ideas, how to build my professional profile and i have also had the opportunity to do business with members from the idea factory. At the idea factory, we learn, co-create, connect and collaborate. i have seen brilliant ideas come out even better through inputs from others and many go on to guide and even share resources, knowledge and contacts to make the idea work. The idea factory is the place to be, this is why i have never missed any meeting.

– Enite Young Odebala, Managing Partner, Sublime Partners

enite young

Enite Young Odebala,

Managing Partner, Sublime Partners

I am Emmanuel, a social entrepreneur, Graphics designer, cartoonist and business developer.

I joined Idea factory in the month of July. I got attracted by the name “Idea factory” and I got glued to the monthly meetings by the content. I pitched my idea on bridging the gap between African colleges and the corporate world with aim of reducing brain-drain and increasing human capital on the month of September, I expanded a concept after the constructive critique and I became more conscious on grey areas I handled with kids glove.

It is always a refreshing moment to have a session of think-tanks curate ideas, nurse startups and see them grow. For me, Idea factory is an incubator.


Emmanuel Ohanwe


Emmanuel Ohanwe

Attending the idea factory for the first time, I must say it was a great experience. I felt at home. I learnt a lot during the CV session that opened my eyes not just to CV writing techniques but benefits of having a good work ethic as well. It’s a platform where you can share ideas with like minds and get constructive feedback that can help you grow. I believe the Idea Factory is a place to be for entrepreneurship and career development.

  • Taiwo


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