Expertise Area: Digital marketing, Leadership Development, and Project Management.

Favour Obaka


As a faculty member at Aplus Trainers, Favour Obaka brings a wealth of experience and an unwavering commitment to helping organizations and businesses become more effective, productive, and sustainable.

Professional Background:

  • Survive Fistula Healthcare Foundation: As the Project Officer, Favour demonstrated exceptional leadership and problem-solving skills in implementing community development projects. He has a proven track record of inspiring and mobilizing volunteers to drive impactful initiatives.
  • Balance Seminar Network: Favour is the Convener and President, leading this capacity-building network to empower individuals with the knowledge and mindset for personal and professional success. His dedication to motivating young people and fostering leadership development aligns with the goals of Aplus Trainers.
  • Balance Creatives: As the founder and CEO, Favour heads this creative and digital agency that provides innovative solutions to SMEs, brands, and organizations. His expertise in digital marketing and web development has been instrumental in driving positive change and creating growth opportunities.

Achievements and Recognition:

  • Recognized as the Graphic Designer of the Year by Incredible Voices Nigeria.
  • Focuses on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, particularly Quality Education and Economic Growth.
  • Over five years of experience in digital marketing, leadership development, and project management.

Educational Background:

  • Holds a degree in Computer Science.

Commitment to Volunteerism:

  • Verve Megaminds Network: Favour serves as the Head of Volunteer, bringing his extensive experience and passion for youth empowerment and capacity building. His role here underscores his commitment to service and empowerment, making him a valuable asset to Aplus Trainers.

Favour’s dedication to creating a better world for future generations through education, economic growth, and community engagement makes him an exemplary faculty member at Aplus Trainers. His blend of practical expertise and passion for development ensures that he contributes significantly to the success of our programs and the organizations we serve.