Expertise: Communication, Leadership

Dr. Ben Wayo

About Ben

Dr. Ben Wayo is a professional speaker, author, trainer & coach with over two decades of illustrious experience. He is an experienced public servant with expertise in research science, professional speaking, training, consulting, personal development and leadership.

His career spans about 15 years in the public service & more than 20 years in personal development, public speaking & leadership development in the private & public sectors. his unique skill set encompasses professional speaking & all it involves as well as in different areas of personal development such as communication skills, interpersonal skills, professional work ethics, emotional intelligence, creativity & innovation and leadership development among others.

He has been recognised as the first Nigerian at the world championship of public speaking (2020) & the only 2 time (2019 & 2020) west & central African champion of public speaking as well as the Africa & Middle East champion of public speaking. He is also an award winning inspirational speaker with a unique ability of infecting his trainees with the optimism to speak well.

He has trained & coached various individuals, staff & executives across different sectors including government agencies, real estate, hospitality & educational professionals. He is the lead facilitator of the Aldrin & Randall School of leadership & personal development.