Course Duration: 3 Days

Location: Online/Virtual

Course fee: NGN100,000

Dates: TBA

Why pre-retirement training?

Pre-retirement is the period from when an employee decides when he/she wants to retire and the actual retirement. Hence, there are several crucial steps the employee needs to consider and evaluate prior to retirement. This 5-day seminar is targeted at making retirement worth looking forward to for participants without the usual feelings of a deep sense of loss at retirement. Hence, the need to prepare ahead especially through training. Truth is, the better prepared one is for major life changes such as retirement, the better.


Who should attend pre-retirement training?

Individuals currently in paid employment and looking forward to a happy retirement. Anyone within a 10-year retirement window or less should strongly consider attending this training. Anyone that wants to learn about investment opportunities pre-retirement. Anyone that wants to develop useful entrepreneurial skills pre-retirement; Private, civil and public servants desirous of living a vibrant economic life post-retirement.


Learning Outcomes:

One of the goals of pre-retirement seminar is to work with participants to help reset their minds from viewing retirement as a life without work, as the seminar shall prepare participants to retire not out of job but into something. Therefore, the session will help participants to:

  • Develop some idea of what retirement will be like, what to expect, and what the options might be.
  • Get the boldness to begin planning to ensure a smooth transition to retirement.
  • Identify factors that affect the quality of life after retirement
  • Identify business opportunities suitable for retirees
  • Determine financial requirements at retirement
  • Determine and plan investment opportunities pre and post retirement
  • Use appropriate strategies to manage stress, emotional and psychological wellbeing
  • Apply techniques for better time utilization

Course Methodology:

Interactive lecture using PowerPoint presentation, discussion groups, question/answer sessions, games, exercises, videos, and case studies.


Course Content:

  • Planning for retirement
  • Enjoying life after retirement
  • Monetizing knowledge and experience post retirement
  • Building valuable networks/relationships pre retirement
  • Financial planning
  • Business and investment opportunities for retirees
  • Business and investment planning
  • Health care and healthy living
  • Managing stress, emotional and psychological wellbeing
  • Time management
  • Leisure and traveling
  • Security consciousness post retirement
  • Understanding and leveraging insurance benefits


Course Inclusion

  • Comprehensive learning materials
  • Post course telephone support
  • Certificate of Attendance on completion of course
  • Tea and lunch breaks