Frequently Asked Question


Q: Can groups get discounts on Training fee

A: Yes, a group of four gets 25% off


Q: What qualifies one to get discount on training fees

A: Either a group is applying or at the company’s discretion


Q: Do you provide logistics for participants coming from outside the training location

A: Yes we do for hotel accommodation and airport transport


Q: Does APLUS offer courses online?

A: Not yet. We plan to commence that in the last quarter of 2016


Q: What support is available after the training?

A: We offer business advisory and mentorship support for free within 3 months of completion. Other services will be offers at standard rates


Q: Does APLUS provide scholarships?

A: It is possible to get scholarship if justified


Q: Do I get certificates after completion of my course

A: Certificates are issued in joint collaboration with our training partners


Q:Who can attend?

A: Anyone can attend as long as the course is relevant to you


Q: Do I have to pay the entire fee before starting the course?

A: Full payment is required for all short courses before attending. long term courses ie 2 monthsa and above could be paid flexibly


Q: Do I need to do any work before the course or workshop?

A: In some cases you may have to do some work during the pre-workshop phase. Your instructor will contact you beforehand


Q: How do I book a place on a course?

A: You can book via email, SMS or on our registration page online


Q:What should I do if I am unable to attend after booking?

A: You must inform us at least 5 days ahead if you will not be able to attend a booked course and your money will be refunded to you or rescheduled for the same course (or another within the same price bracket) at another time within the year.


Q: What happens if a course is cancelled?

A: The course will be rescheduled for a later date and a refund will be made available if you would not be able to attend on the new date


Q: What if a course that I would like to attend is fully booked?

A: You would have to consider other dates when the course reoccurs


Q: What if I need training in something not offered in the programme?

A: Special trainings can be organized if we have a class of at least 10 participants who also want to attend. Let us know if you can pull that off and you get a commission for your effort


Q: I have accessibility and special requirements; who do I need to inform?

A: Send an email to to let us know if this is the case. You may also include the information during your online registration process


Q: Do you have rewards for people that get participants for your trainings

A: Yes, a 5% commission will be paid for every participant you bring for our training programmes

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